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Self + Soul

Self + Soul

What’s in store for you in 2022?

One of our very favorite Spiritual Guides on this planet is Chantell Leung. Her genuine authenticity, kindness, and open heart made her an absolutely perfect fit for our Auric Angels Expert Panel. We have been hearing from many of you as you navigate the beginnings of 2022 with some heavy energy.

We feel you!


We spoke with Chantell and asked her if she could guide us through an overview of 2022 and what might be in store for our quantum bodies as well as our physical ones. Here’s what Chantell had to say!

  • Chantell Leung is a born empath, spiritual coach and master healer. Her mission is to empower those on their spiritual journey to share their magic with the world. Chantell works with individuals from around the globe to restore harmony to mind, body and soul. She’s earned credentials from Canadian Coaches Federation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and in several energy healing modalities including Seichem as master healer. To work with Chantell, visit chantellco.com

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