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Family + Kids

The Spiritual Side of Fertility

Too often when fertility becomes a priority in life, one goes intellectually wild! Reading, planning, overthinking, timing, scheduling, ‘app’ing and everything mind control. We have removed so much of the spiritual conversation from conception and fertility. For this very reason, we are deeply grateful for spiritual practitioners who understand the soul-based approach to fertility and conception. We are so thrilled to introduce you to Tanicia Reedon.

Tanicia is a certified fertility and post-partum doula who speaks spirituality FIRST!


We love her so much we wanted you to meet her too! Take a peak below! We will have much more goodness from Tanicia moving forward but we wanted to share her work with you.

  • Tanicia Reedon is a certified Fertility & Postpartum Doula, wellness coach, functional fitness instructor. She has always been interested in and passionate about fertility, women’s health, pregnancy & babies; since the age of 13! Her mission is to highlight, celebrate and empower everyone to know about the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection, the Infradian rhythm and how to implement cycle alignment in every aspect of their lives. Tanicia believes our bodies hold so much wisdom, potential and power; we owe it to ourselves to honour & holistically optimize our health. As a fertility support practitioner and overall wellness advocate, Tanicia prioritizes knowledge, fun & vitality into every offer & service.  She uses the power of mindset, mentorship coaching, spiritual discovery, and supportive practices to care for her clients. Tanicia is also an international speaker, having spoken to over 40,000 people, and an avid traveler, having lived in Italy & Spain. 

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