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Sophie Jaffe Shares About Family and Fourth Trimester

If you’ve ever seen or tasted anything from Sophie Jaffe’s ​Philosophie Superfoods​, you know the entrepreneur and mom of three is on to something. In addition to being delicious and clean, all of ​Sophie​’s superfood blends and infusions help you stay energized and satisfied.

In addition to her success as a businesswoman, Sophie has managed to get all three of her kids to enthusiastically eat a healthy diet, all while staying authentic to her true self. Read on for more secrets from Sophie.

What was one of the most pivotal decisions you made in your life that brought you in alignment with optimal health?

All throughout my youth and when I first started my work in health and wellness in my 20s, I committed to living a vegan diet. As soon as I was pregnant with my first I had serious cravings and everything became about paying attention to my and baby’s needs instead of listening to the “rules” everyone else was trying to shove in my face.

I decided that my body needed the extra protein and began a long road to intuitive eating. A large part of leaving veganism came from looking at who I was and where I wanted to be in life then deciding that restricting myself wasn’t meant for me. In the end, it’s all about what works for you. If you’re vegan then all power to you, but I knew it wasn’t my path. I strive for balance and if that means having some chicken for dinner then I’ll do it. Eating intuitively means having freedom with your food. It’s putting yourself into consideration anytime you enter the kitchen.


What are some of the health/mindfulness/nutrition rituals you practice regularly with your children?

When you’re excited about healthy and nourishing foods, your kids will be, too! I share everything with Kai, Leo and Noa. I cook with them and allow them to experiment with meals—under my watchful eye, of course. I stock the house with a ton of fruits, veggies and delicious, nutrient-dense snacks. Some other tips and tricks for keeping your kids healthy and happy include never limiting their diets, but instead offering healthier but equally sweet alternatives (ALL the smoothie bowls their little bodies need), substituting ingredients for healthier options, and doing active activities together such as a hike or a trip to the beach.

My kiddos love superfood smoothies because for them, it’s a treat. I make the smoothie with tons of ​Philosophie superfoods​ and lots of organic fruits and veggies, but I let them choose the toppings. During the summer, I turn the smoothies into popsicles that they can eat poolside which they love.

Do you have a favorite style of yoga? Why?

Yoga and HIIT workouts are my jam but I share fitness content that inspires everyone to move their body no matter what that looks like! Maybe it’s a walk around the neighborhood, a SoulCycle class or a hot yoga session. I think there needs to be more yin in the world, more quiet moments with self, more meditation and more adjustments. There’s not enough softness in this society and I think it’s the most healing thing in the world.

Have you had mentors you would like to mention here who have acted as guides along your incredible journey?

Tamal Dodge, Baron Baptiste, Marianne Williamson, Jamie Adler, my sister friend Rachelle Tratt and so many other amazing teachers and mentors who supported me along the way.

What are some of the learnings and insights you have developed as a successful businesswoman who prioritizes health and nutrition?

As a mama to a baby girl, the founder and owner of a superfood company, and constantly being surrounded by women who continue to love and support me, female empowerment is so important for me. Being a female entrepreneur is being proud of my femininity and also embracing my masculinity.

So often, people ask how I’m able to handle life as a conscious mama and run my own business, attend conferences, work as a social influencer, and practice healthy living. It’s a lot! Ultimately, it comes down to remaining present. I embrace every moment as it comes. In total times of stress, I stop everything and slow down. I believe that feeling — nourished, healthy, vibrant, and self-empowered — is what fuels us to work to be better people. Better mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and active contributors to our world.

What are some red flags for you that you may be moving away from your authentic self/alignment? And how do you pivot quickly to move back to heart?

When I notice my stress is more up than normal or I’m feeling off physically, whether it’s more headaches, my sleep is off, my anxiety is high or I’m feeling waves of anger, I know I’m not living from a place of alignment. My nervous system since COVID, quarantine and our world being in shambles has been shot and I’m relying on practices in my toolkit now more than ever to pull me back to my heart.

From there, I make other decisions that focus on self-love and balance. Every day requires me to tune into the vibration of that day and truly ask myself what I need to have the best morning. Sometimes matcha, sometimes gratitude. Sometimes backyard stretching, sometimes superfood coffee. Sometimes straight to work mode, sometimes tarot cards. Sometimes a call with a friend, other times a gym workout.

You do much mentoring and wellness work for women during their fourth trimester. Can you share a few well and wise tips for our moms who have recently given birth?

We never return back to the way we were before birth. For thousands of years women have taken time to recharge and rejuvenate after giving birth. This has been a sacred time period across cultures, from Chinese traditions where women take four weeks for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing to India and Japan where a new mother goes to her own mother’s home for six weeks so she is relieved of all household duties. Many cultures share the idea of a golden month, or confinement period, that is anywhere from 20-60 days and often around 40 days.

This is such a sacred time for my family, myself and our baby. I encourage any mama-to-be to learn more about this practice and have her own consultation with a doula. It’s life-changing. It will be really important to block out the chaos of my “normal” life in order to build a new, connected relationship with your little babe outside of the womb.

I created the e-book,​ ​Sacred Pause: Post Postpartum Recovery Guide​ that includes preparation tips, a nutrition guide with 10 recipes that are specifically tailored toward a woman’s body during postpartum, movement tips with tips and tools she used to restore energy back to her body and finally, self-care tips with rituals you can do in the comfort of your own home and a 10-minute new mama meditation.

What are your quick and clean go-to snacks or meals for your children?

I’ve found that it’s much easier to pass on my own habits and philosophies to my little ones—to teach them the value of food. Instead of creating a “healthy diet” based on limitations and rules, show them how to eat from a place of love: Love for themselves, their communities, and their larger world.

Smoothies are a household go-to and one of the first things I let all three kiddos try! They’re incredibly versatile and you can sneak so many fruits and veggies in without them even knowing. If they’re tired of smoothies, pour them into a mold and freeze for popsicles! Help your kids feel like they’re in control by giving them tons of options, but only offer whole food choices that are dense in nutrients.

A cacao banana smoothie or a strawberry spinach smoothie? Sweet potato fries or a protein snack? Green juice with lots of apple or red beet juice? Once you lay out the options, let your kids decide.

Any holistically healthy travel tips for our families that work well for you when traveling with kids?

Mamas, you can travel with kids! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Listen to your intuition, be flexible, remain present, and practice patience. Other than that, I suggest trying out an Airbnb if you want to live like a local. This way, you can also go grocery shopping and make meals at “home” which saves money and is way more fun. You also have all the amenities of a home, like access to laundry, cost-effectiveness, and much more space.

Another tip: The minute we get to where we are staying, we figure out where the closest market, farmer’s market, or health food store is and immediately stock the house with fresh veggies and fruit, almond milk and other necessities. I love seeing what’s local and fresh wherever we go. It’s so fun to introduce the kids to new fruits and veggies! If you’re staying in a hotel or condo, request a mini-fridge and a blender. Sometimes, they will bring it with no extra charge. Start to scope out healthy places to go, juice bars, cafes, yoga studios, etc. on yelp, and definitely be sure to go where the locals go. Of course, I also always pack​ ​Philosophie Superfoods​ to add to smoothies, yogurt, oats, etc!

How do you prioritize your day?

I prioritize my day by following the FEELING I want to feel. If I want to feel connected to my kids, then I prioritize hanging with them first thing–phone away, fun play time and connection. If I want to feel accomplished work-wise, then I make a list of all the priorities and check them off one by one for a few hours. If I want to feel free, I start out my day with a hike in nature or leave my phone at home and take a really long bike ride to a coffee shop or adventure.

What does a typical day look like for you and your kids nutrition-wise?

I love starting my day with a superfood coffee and my kiddos usually have yogurt bowls, oatmeal, eggs or smoothies also loaded with superfoods. Lunch is always a grab-bag but I love making a rainbow of options for my kiddos because the kids get excited at lunchtime and it also helps to build a foundation of healthy habits. Eat colors, not calories! Some lunches look like tons of snacks to make up a balanced meal. For example, we love doing bite-size veggies like carrots and edamame beans; a protein source such as turkey roll-ups with hummus, a hard-boiled egg, or falafel with tahini; an energizing treat like cacao; and fruit! Dinner is always a family affair, and if we’re not eating out or ordering in we’ll make a balanced meal the whole family will love.

  • Sophie Jaffe is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert, who is certified as a raw food chef, yoga teacher and Influencer. Sophie founded her company and wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness. She’s a mama of 3 and hosts the IGNTD podcast with her husband Adi.

    Sophie also collaborates with huge brands to create magical partnerships visually and energetically, appears on TV Shows, and writes for publications such as ​Well + Good​, ​The Chalkboard Magazine​, ​The Body Book​, and ​Mind Body Green.​ She has been featured in ​Shape Magazine​, ​Yoga Journal​, ​Bazaar​, ​The Los Angeles Times,​ and ​Angeleno Magazine ​and was selected as the cover model for ​Yoga Journal Russia​.

    Always looking for a way to give back to the community, Sophie also frequently leads international women’s empowerment IGNTD workshops+podcast, moon circles, and yoga and HIIT classes.

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