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Lisa Marie Holmes on Herbs, Healing and Emotional Wellbeing

Lisa Marie Holmes is a registered herbalist and holistic health coach. When you combine those credentials with an autoimmune diagnosis that led her to understand her body in ways she never expected and create her own gorgeous line of herbal teas, it’s safe to say that Lisa knows a thing or two about healing.

Read on for Lisa’s healing journey, her incredible understanding of plants, and so much more.

You have shared much about your healing and wellbeing journey. Can you share what you consider to be pivotal moments throughout your experience?

The pivotal moments in my journey of self discovery and recovery have always been influenced by monumental people (more accurately known as my Earth Angels!) who taught me something about myself that I hadn’t yet discovered. We don’t know something or someone until it, or they, are introduced to us. That can also include an introduction to ourselves sometimes. It truly takes a village, and I can proudly say that the moments that have defined my current awareness of self and health have been a result of the wisdom and insight shared by loved ones.



We spoke about the healing power of studying our own lineage and heritage and the beauty that lies in the wisdom and knowledge that comes from our ancestors. How has this impacted your own healing journey?

Listening to the call of my ancestors has been transformational. I once walked this earth feeling lost and disconnected. I could speak with the trees but didn’t know where this legacy came from. I harnessed many gifts but had no lessons in discernment between heart and ego. When I started learning about my ancestry and incorporated the traditional practices of my people into my daily routine, it was like a balm for the heart.

The magic carried in every cell of my body is there because of those who came before me. There is deep healing in remembering and honoring our ancestors. Mine come from many lands and each one tells a story imprinted in my bones.

We love following you on insta (@lisa.marie.holmes) and love when you find gluten-free hot spots (all of the plant and herbal goodness!) during your travels. Do you have any favorite gluten-free gems in North America or abroad?

My maternal grandmother is French, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I enjoyed my first croissant ever in Vancouver, Canada at a gluten free bakery called Lemonade. I’m also a big pizza lover. My top three favourite gluten free pizza joints are Nicli, in Vancouver Canada, Bar Basso in Zurich, Switzerland, and Pizza Nova in Ontario, Canada.

Can you share from your own experience the connection between emotional healing and nutrition, and why you can’t have one without the other?

When we live in a state of fear, anxiety, and/or insecurity, our eating habits can reflect our internal state of affairs. This can impact our source of nutrition (food choices) as well as what the body does when we feed it — how it digests, absorbs, and assimilates. Our gut is so closely related to our emotions that, for example, when we are nervous in our mind, we feel butterflies in our tummy.

When we’re able to heal our emotional pain, we lay a foundation to make empowered food choices that are void of guilt and shame. Every cell in our body will feel the impact of our emotional healing and rejuvenate more effectively.


As a detox specialist, holistic health coach and registered herbalist, what are some initial steps or protocols you took at the beginning of your journey that resulted in success?

Herbal medicine has been the catalyst to my healing journey. There is wisdom carried in the DNA of plants that has the capacity to heal both our physical and spiritual forms. Herbs combined with a plant-based diet with a heavy emphasis on raw fruit has been transformational. When we eat energized and living foods, we feel more energized and alive. Intuitively, it just makes so much sense to me.   

What are some of your must-have herbal remedies and why?

My three most valued herbs at present are comfrey (symphytum officinale), yarrow (achillea millefolium) and mullein (verbascum thapsus).

Comfrey is a wonderful first aid herb that has been traditionally known to mend bones and facilitate cellular repair. One of its common names is “bone knit.”  Yarrow is known as the herb of immortality for its ability to heal all. Mullein is an herb with an affinity for the lungs and is known to nourish the glandular system. These descriptions merely scratch the surface on the meaningful presence each one has by simply existing. My appreciation for these herbs go deeper than I can express in this interview, because there are many deep connections to each of these plants and many more. They are more profound than I can find words to describe in one sitting. 

We are eager to try your new line of herbal teas. Can you give us a glimpse at the lineup and why you decided to create your own line?

The new line from L’Apothicaire Botanique has 22 herbal remedies designed to heal the body from some of the most common ailments I see in my practice. From sexual and fertility tonics and seasonal allergies to a four-system approach to detoxification, this line is holistic in its approach to healing mind, body, spirit. My initial launch is made up of Herbal teas — more correctly described as Botanical Infusions — because of their ability to be accessible to all. I will be expanding the line to include tinctures, oils and salves in the future.

What are a few of your own daily detox rituals?

Fruit for breakfast, sun exposure daily and variety of herbs depending on the day and my mood.

How do you manage to prioritize calm, wellbeing and healing with all the travel and amazing projects you have going on?

Sleep. Sleep is one of the most undervalued and most powerful remedies we have in our healing toolbox. I bring my herbal infusion “SWEET DREAMS” everywhere with me because I truly believe that dream time is sacred.

Any wellness travel rituals that help you stay aligned and well?

My daily early morning walks are a must-have when traveling. Continuing my morning walk ritual keeps me grounded and gives me an opportunity to become familiar with my new landscape. I love watching the sun rise because it gives me the opportunity to be alone and quiet for a period of prayer and self reflection before the rest of the world wakes up and claims my attention.

You also bring all of your passions for nature, wellness and plant life into home design and decor. Can you share some of your favorite ways to bring the vibration of mother earth and nature into the home?

Indoor plants are healing in a variety of ways. They are detoxifying for the air releasing oxygen and are natural mood elevators, as being in nature has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Studies have proven that time spent in nature elevates immune system function and boosts mental health. By bringing nature indoors we are able to elevate the look and feel of a room but also benefit our entire well-being.

Any favorite books right now?

The Hidden Life Of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

We are already so aligned with L’Apothicaire Botanique. Can you give us a sneak peak into the brand essence, services, and products?

LAB has been designed to facilitate a remembering of our traditional ways. I created LAB to inspire (re)connection with our land and establish deeper understandings of holistic health. The word “apothecary” finds its origins in latin and has roots in old french, so in an effort to honor my personal ancestral lineage, my brand is a french name meaning “The Botanical Apothecary”: L’Apothicaire Botanique. The essence of the brand is rooted in the ancient french apothecary experience as a traditional shoppe where folks once purchased botanical remedies and preventative medicine.

  • Lisa Marie Holmes is a public figure, owner and creator of L’Apothicaire Botanique. With appearances on HGTV Canada, CTV, HGTV USA, the DIY Network, and many public speaking events, Lisa Marie effortlessly integrates her love of a healthy home with her background in alternative medicine and international relations into every aspect of her life. Always aspiring to serve her community and hearten those around her to pursue “la joie de vivre,” Lisa Marie finds pleasure revelling in all of life’s treasures

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