Our Story - Auric Living

Welcome to our AURIC Family!

AURIC LIVING is a true labour of love. For years, we have discussed, researched and carefully crafted a destination and community for those on the conscious path. We would love to mindfully invite you to be a very special part of our AURIC FAMILY.

We are both creatives, parents, entrepreneurs and truth seekers. We met mid way through life after travelling very rich journeys on the conscious path. We are both explorers and have enjoyed living in different parts of the world. Leanne thoroughly enjoyed her time living in Fiji while Ric has a very special place in his heart for his time in Africa.

Our intention is to bring you into our world and our conversations as we explore humanity, support global healing and share a few of our very favorite things both as individuals and as parents.

Navigating this new world requires a much stronger grounding in spiritual leadership, self-esteem and value-based choices. Wellbeing must be the order of the day for parents and children and heart-centered leadership must be developed and nurtured each and every day. Although we are works in progress, we wish to introduce and connect you to the people, places and resources that have supported our journey thus far.

What may have been true for you yesterday may seem like a lie today. This is why we must all connect and collaborate and support each other with kindness and grace.

We are deeply committed to global oneness, human evolution, planetary healing and the new paradigm parents and families have found themselves in.

We are also so very passionate about entrepreneurship and teaching children the power of setting their own direction in life- and always dreaming BIG! This is why we decided to include our very own AURIC EMPORIUM to showcase some of our very favorite people and products who are creating magic in the world. We love to connect with entrepreneurs who have launched gorgeous and healthy products that make the world a better place. We carefully select our products to find ones that are the best of the best for the planet and for humanity.

We hope you find our content valuable, our podcast insightful and our community enlightening. We both lead with our heart chakras and have only the best intentions behind all choices. Although we are learning as we go, we hope to connect with other light work families globally and collectively light up this planet for future generations.

AURIC LIVING is a community for conscious living.

Welcome to AURIC LIVING!

All our love,
Ric and Lee


About Lee

Lee Jacobs is the author of Beautiful Money (Penguin Random House) and international speaker and mentor. She holds her degree in Biomedical Toxicology as well as her MBA. She is also a certified yoga and pilates instructor as well as a clinical nutritionist. She has been featured in Forbes, Women’s Health, Glamour, The Dr Oz Show, Entrepreneur, The Jenny McCarthy Show and more.

About Ric

Ric’s greatest passions are his family, music and travel. As a longtime musician and songwriter, he has been spending the last few years recording his upcoming album titled One Life. Ric studied in Biology and has a deep passion for animal and land preservation globally.  Ric has travelled throughout Africa and has a special place in his heart for its land, people and animals.