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Jordan Younger on Healing, Habits and Finding Peace

Jordan Younger has had quite a journey. Also known as ​The Balanced Blonde​, Jordan’s journeys through sickness, health, and dabbling in different healing modalities is beyond inspiring.

Here, she shares everything from what her healing journey looks like to her favorite health and wellbeing books.

We have been following your journey for years and would love to hear how your perspectives on health, healing and self care have evolved over the years

Thank you so much! You guys are amazing. Wow, my perspective has shifted so much since I started my blog in early 2013. At the time I was so young and eager to dive into any and all wellness practices that I learned about, which was so much fun — I was so excited by everything.

Now I would consider my approach more refined. I take what I love about each approach and leave the rest, because I really honor bio individuality and the fact that we are all on such separate, unique, beautiful journeys. Getting sick with chronic Lyme disease several years ago refined my approach even further, because now my whole life revolves around healing. What I have learned is that health, healing, and wellbeing is a lifestyle. There is no quick fix or five-day cleanse that will “heal” you, but maybe that five-day cleanse will inspire you to embark on a brand new path … which is what happened for me about eight years ago and I am so grateful that it did.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Well, lately during this interesting time we are all in — 2020, man! — my life has been a lot more laid back in many ways, which I am really enjoying. I typically wake up around 8 a.m., go into the kitchen to make my celery juice, and then turn on my infrared sauna. While the sauna heats up I drink my juice and read the news, entertainment, and books. Right now I am really into stoicism and reading ​The Daily Stoic​. I​ also always read a passage from ​A Course in Miracles during this time and do a little journaling sesh on the lesson. Then I make cold brew coffee with cinnamon and bring that and a big glass of water into my sauna. In the sauna I meditate and sweat it out for around 45 minutes every morning. Then I get out, shower, and start my day!

I usually have a big bowl of fruit (I follow food combining which has changed my life), and either check my email, write a blog post, sit down to host a podcast interview, or do some free writing. I am working on a memoir right now about my Lyme healing and spiritual awakening experience so if I’m in the mood and feeling inspired, I work on that first! Then I tend to break up the day with walks outside, calls, photos, some time with my family or friends, and I try to wrap up in the

early evening and get outside or do a yoga flow. Then I make dinner for me and my husband — always plant based and SOS-free. I wind down with a hot bath and a good book, and have been trying to go to bed earlier lately. That is a typical day and I love it!

Do you have any favorite books for healing, wellbeing, and nutrition?

So many! I am very into ​The Medical Medium​, so I highly recommend all of his books. I’m also a big fan of ​Louise Hay​ and all of her books … specifically, ​You Can Heal Your Life.​ ​All of ​Joe Dispenza​’s books are high on my list as well! Anything alternative and spiritual when it comes to healing, and I am in.

We love your advocacy work as a Lyme Warrior! What are the most common questions you get from your community as well as the wisdom you give?

Thank you so much! Probably the most common question I get is “what works the best in healing/treating Lyme disease?” and also “what does not work at all?” And honestly, we are all so extremely different so it’s hard to say what might work for anyone else. The wild and unfortunate thing about Lyme disease is that there are thousands of symptoms, and oftentimes I meet other Lyme warriors who do not have a single symptom that overlaps with my own. That said, I have met so many people who have similar symptoms to me including eczema, joint pain, brain fog, extreme jaw pain, chronic exhaustion (that one is pretty common across the board), insomnia, shortness of breath, stomach issues, etc.

So what has worked for me the most, with much trial and error, is a slow-paced lifestyle. I know, right? Not the miracle pill or clean cut answer we’re all dying for. I have had to drastically and dramatically ​slow down ​my life, including reducing the pressure I put on myself and the stress that I used to feel every waking moment of the day. That is a daily practice, hence my super dedicated morning routine every day.

Secondly, diet has been huge for me. The SOS-free (salt oil sugar free) plant-based diet along with daily juicing quite literally saved my life. I have done some very out there things to heal, which many of my readers know, from ayahuasca to water fasting to Ayurvedic mind-body-soul detoxes. All of that has helped me very much. On a more western level, I highly recommend stem cells and Lyme-killing herbs, which any good LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor) can put you on. IV ozone therapy has helped me a lot as well.

As for what hasn’t worked, well, that list could fill an entire novel. It’s all about trial and error. I’m not big into antibiotics for Lyme, unless you were bitten by a tick within two weeks of getting treated … which 99.99% of us are not! Do your own research on that but that’s my pretty strong opinion.

There’s a lot of research that shows that typical antibiotics for Lyme actually make the disease worse. It’s a very tricky disease.

What are the most successful habits and rituals you have implemented to support your wellbeing?

My morning routine, all the way! Daily infrared sauna, juicing, the SOS-free plant-based diet, meditation, reducing stress in my life, spending a lot of time outside, being easier on myself, being a forever student of stoicism and ​A Course in Miracles, ​and letting so much love into my life. All of these things have helped immensely. I truly believe at the end of the day it’s not a medication or a supplement or herb that will save us … those of course can be extremely helpful and necessary at times, but it is our daily practices, habits, routines, and the love we surround ourselves with that will help us heal. It is our daily vibration and the frequency we live on. Refining that has been everything.

You recently talked about the emotional healing work that lies deep within physical healing. How does one begin a deeper healing journey than just nutrition alone?

Oh yes, hugely. There is so much of that, and I truly believe that our past experiences, traumas and emotional wounds live in our bodies, our cells, our muscles, our minds until we recognize them and allow them to leave. The art of surrender will change your life. As far as beginning this process, trust your intuition. Talk to yourself, trust yourself and trust your heart. Your body and your heart are so, so wise. I have a course about this, called ​Waking Back up To Your Own Soul​ that teaches a nine-step process to awakening, channeling, doing ancestral healing work, emotional/body trauma healing work and beyond. That is a great place to start — and trust me, we go ​deep.

Any mentors or experts that you are crushing on right now?

So many. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dizpenza and his work. Louise Hay and ​Wayne Dyer​ will forever be my favorites. Although they have passed on, their legacy remains strong. My friend Peter Crone​, The Mind Architect, is amazing and has helped my husband and I so much with releasing the long held stories in our head and allowing deep healing, happiness and self-love to take place.

Melissa Wood Health​ is also someone who inspires me every day to live in my truth and be unapologetically myself. I feel so beyond lucky to have had many of my mentors and expert crushes on my podcast. That’s how I have discovered so much of what I explore and am into now.

What are a few detox protocols that you tend to always find bring the best results?

Daily juicing, infrared sauna, taking a charcoal binder at night, coffee enemas, colonics, and food combining. I write all about these practices in my ​22 Day Detox Program​, which outlines everything I have done to heal and shares step by step protocols on how others can heal too!

For our readers who have been diagnosed or considering connecting with a Lyme Healthcare Specialist, are there any facilities or experts you would recommend?

Just make sure you’re seeing a Lyme literate doctor (LLMD), which you can find in your area by searching on Global Lyme Alliance’s website. An expert LLMD will be able to read your Lyme testing accurately to make sure you are not diagnosed as a false negative, which sadly happens all the time in the world of this debilitating and invisible chronic disease.

As far as facilities, there are so many options, but I tend to treat things very holistically so I have found a lot of healing in detox and wellness centers, plant medicine retreats, acupuncture, and deep inner healing work.

What are your thoughts on the roles fear, grief, and anger play when it comes to autoimmune disease?

I believe it is all so, so intertwined. I always say that getting sick is truly the greatest gift you can be given, although it can also be the hardest thing in the world — and trust me, it is! It will shake up your life in every single way. You will be forced to look at every side of yourself, from every facet and every angle in order to find healing. I have uncovered past traumas from childhood and adolescence that I had completely forgotten about or glossed over as “not that big of a deal” that have been sitting in my body and soul and wreaking havoc on my sensitive system for all of these years.

Lyme does come from a tick bite, yes, but I find that many of us have the similarities of needing to get to the root of certain emotional issues as well. That way you will have the greatest opportunity to heal.

Can you summarize your healing journey thus far?

It has been beautiful and painful, and has opened me up to who I truly am inside. I have awakened physically and spiritually, but that’s a story for another day! And I’ve found the greatest love of all within myself and with my wonderful husband. Getting married during this healing journey also solidified to me what’s most important in life — love, community, connection, celebration, soul expansion, joy. I have let go of a lot of what I used to believe was of the utmost importance in life.

What’s next for you in business and life?

Always expanding. I am open to so many avenues. Right now I’m working on this memoir that I’m very excited about. I am always coming out with new programs and offerings in ​my digital store​, from plant-based recipe ebooks to cleanse programs to spiritual awakening workshops and beyond. I absolutely love connecting with my audience and growing alongside them.

The spiritual work and psychic awakening I have been focusing on is only getting more beautiful and deep, so I intend to follow that wherever it goes and be open to everything. In life, my husband and I definitely plan to start a family as soon as I feel healthy enough to do so — which I feel will be very soon, let me tell you!

Any chance we can get our hands on those Fluffy Banana Chunk Blender Muffins you bake?

DUH! I wish I delivered. The recipe is in ​this YouTube video​. Definitely making more of these couple’s vegan cooking show videos soon, too … we have so much fun doing that together.

  • Jordan Younger is the blogger behind the popular wellness and lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde. She started blogging in 2013 and quickly ditched the grad school life for the full-time blogging life, even before her site had made her a dime. She knew in her bones that writing and sharing her life with her TBB community was what her soul had come here to do.

    Since then, her blog has turned into a brand, a ​book​, a ​podcast,​ an incredible ​community​ of high vibe humans, as well as retreats & live events around the globe to connect with her readers + listeners. Jordan has also found a deep love for ​poetry,​ manifestation, and spirituality that she is very passionate about sharing with her community.

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