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Self + Soul

Lauren Bosworth’s Healing Journey From Anxiety

You may know Lo Bosworth’s name from her “Laguna Beach” days, but these days she’s focused on something very different: Building ​Love Wellness​, a mega-successful women’s clean personal care products company.

While she makes it seem effortless, Bosworth’s success as an entrepreneur has come with a lot of hard work—not to mention a battle with anxiety and depression. Here’s how she manages to stay grounded and whole while running Love Wellness.

What has your struggle with anxiety and depression taught you about yourself and your life?

Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s okay to take a break when you need it and to not be too hard on yourself for making that decision. It’s important for me to have those moments where I refill my tank.

How do you stay connected and grounded in the world?

My favorite way to stay connected and grounded is to actually savor the moments when I’m able to disconnect. Some days I’ll make a conscious effort to not go on social media at all, and most days I try not to look at my phone after 9 p.m.

With so many fabulous projects in the works, how do you keep from becoming too much of a human-doing and stay present and powerful as a human being?

I’ve made an effort to get into nature as much as possible over the past few months. As a New Yorker, we have struggled under the pandemic and any opportunity to see some trees and feel grass in between my toes is one I take. The past few months have really made me appreciate feeling grounded (literally) to the earth.

What are some go-to rituals that help you get back into alignment should you feel a bout of anxiety arising?

When I start to feel anxious, I like to unplug and enjoy a warm bath. Taking baths has always been my favorite way to unwind. It seriously helps me get in the right headspace.

What has building the empire that is Love Wellness taught you about yourself?

Building Love Wellness, which began as a one-woman show in my living room, has taught me to rely on my gut but to pay attention to the trusted voices around me. I tend to problem solve by analyzing many different perspectives simultaneously and am always open to different opinions and options. My way is not always the right way, and I know that.

What are three honest and raw tips for those who wish to build a business empire like your own?

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, always think long-term rather than short-term when it comes to goals, and build a team of kind, like-minded people around you to establish a compassionate culture early on.

Did you run into any business challenges in the early stages of Love Wellness that you weren’t expecting? How did you overcome them?

For any early stage entrepreneur, financing a business is always the most confusing and intimidating aspect. I’ve learned many lessons along the way, from how to raise, to who to raise from. Once you invite in outside capital, your job becomes much more complex and you must navigate with a steady hand and without fear.

Do you have a mindfulness practice?

I do! My daily mindfulness practice comes in the form of movement. Being present in moving really helps center me. One of my favorite forms of meditation is taking ​Taryn Toomey’s The Class​. Every now and then I also use the app Headspace.

Favorite wellbeing/spirituality book right now?

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein​. It is all about manifestation and about overcoming fear. For someone who has struggled with anxiety, this book really has helped me to take comfort in discomfort.

What’s next for you personally?

This year has forced me to get comfortable in very uncomfortable situations.

Interestingly enough, this idea of “not knowing” has always served as the foundation for much of my personal anxiety so it’s been a period of personal growth. Outside of continuing our mission at Love Wellness to bring women clean products and build an inclusive and diverse community, I’m simply focused on trying to stay centered and well.

What’s next for Love Wellness?

We have a few exciting launches in the pipeline. I can’t share more just yet, but follow @lovewellness​ for updates.

  • Lauren Bosworth is the 33-year-old founder and CEO behind the leading female-first total body care company, Love Wellness. Bosworth has made a name for herself as an entrepreneur, using momentum from her decade-long career in television to shift her focus to creating and running a modern feminine care brand from the ground up.

    Love Wellness was born in 2016 after Bosworth began experiencing chronic health issues for over five years that she couldn’t fix with traditional drugstore offerings or prescriptions. With the guidance of doctors and some trial-and-error, Bosworth finally found relief through a holistic approach that combined natural products with a healthy lifestyle.

    Ultimately, through this journey, Bosworth became aware of the lack of innovation in the women’s healthcare category, and made it her mission to change it by sharing the information she had learned with women everywhere. Bosworth is seeking to change the narrative around self-care culture and empower women to feel supported, welcomed, and safe during their wellness journeys.

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