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Food + Nutrition

Joy McCarthy on Motherhood, Meals and Mindfulness

If you don’t know​ Joy McCarthy​ yet, it’s time to get to change that: The bestselling ​cookbook author​, holistic nutritionist and ​podcast co-host​ has made big waves in the world of food and wellness — and it goes without saying that her recipes are flat-out delicious.

In addition to her nutrition empire, McCarthy is a mom. She’s also helping others build their own businesses through her ​Joyous Health business program​. She also happens to be a lovely, grounded human being. Want to know more? Here’s what she has to say about everything from listening to her inner wisdom to what cooking and eating look like now that she’s a mother.

What do you believe to be true regarding the body as your greatest teacher?

That listening to your inner wisdom is the kindest, most compassionate thing you can do for yourself. Listening to your body’s innate wisdom can alter the direction of your life in the best way possible.



Why do you believe it often takes the breakdown of the body for cosmic transformation to take place?

For some people, it is essential to hit a rock bottom before they realize they have no other option but to take a different path and a new approach. So it can be because you’re out of options, but I also don’t think that the body needs to break down for transformation to take place.

What are a few of your favorite simple and easy snacks for Vienna?

Seasnax (sea veggie snacks), healthy homemade baking muffins, banana bread, smoothies — (​she loves this one​!), apple and cheese or apple and almond butter, and raw balls. She loves these ones​!

How has your personal nutrition shifted since having Vienna?Before Vienna I would think nothing of making the greenest, most bitter healthy smoothie and downing it like a champ! But now that I have a child who only likes tasty food, a healthy green smoothie will only be acceptable if it tastes amazing. Health and taste always go together, but even more so now that I have a child. Even though we eat all the same food at dinnertime, we eat more kid-friendly foods like homemade chicken fingers, pizza, and pasta — but we also still eat lots of fish and veggies.

Vienna’s favorite meal is salmon, sweet potato and green beans!


What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?

There’s so much evidence that points to the effectiveness of intermittent fasting. My husband has been doing it since this pandemic began by not eating until 12 p.m., and he’s feeling great! I don’t fast that long — only about 12 hours. I think it’s worth trying it and seeing how your body feels.

For all the aspiring authors and nutrition experts out there, could you share your top four business tips for building a global nutrition empire?

I’m going to keep this one short, because if I don’t, I’ll go on forever! The top four things every successful entrepreneur needs are passion, patience, perseverance and positivity.

If you had to pick one favorite recipe right now, what would it be?

I’ve been baking a lot lately, so I would say ​this banana bread​.

Tell us a bit about your Joyous Health business program.

When I graduated from nutrition school in 2009, there was no road map to success. I had very little business-building knowledge, but a strong background in marketing from my previous experience and education. We realized there was a huge need for business-building expertise for wellness entrepreneurs.

The Joyous Health Business Program is a 12-week immersive online learning experience created to set your business up for success. Our program draws from a collective 20 years of business-building expertise that has helped establish Joyous Health as an internationally recognized brand and leader.

In a nutshell, we help people create a profitable and purpose-driven business! You can learn more ​here​.

What is one of your favorite go-to cookbooks in your home?

The Joyous Cookbook! I literally put all my favorite recipes in this cookbook, so it’s the most tattered book I own — I use it multiple times per week.

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