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How Energetically Well is Your Home?

As the CEO of ​Biofield Expert​, there’s no question that Jayme Westrom is brilliant — she knows just about everything there is to know about cellular resonant nutrition and natural healing.

She’s also an expert in Vatsu, a certified yoga instructor and reiki master, and spent a decade as a Montessori Directress. The combination has made her an authority in many things, not the least of which involves raising happy, healthy children, which is one of our highest values at Auric.

Read on for Jayme’s brilliant insights and life-changing advice.

Can you share a little about you, your work, and what brought you to Vastu and Bioenergetic Protection?

My interest in the subject of natural healing became amplified while I was a Montessori Directress. I spent five years teaching kids between the ages of three and six, and another five years teaching kids between the ages of six and nine. One of the roles of a Montessori teacher is to observe the children and the classroom environment and then make changes that will support the natural, healthy behaviors and inclinations of the child. The conclusion I eventually came to was that the environment outside the classroom was the “root” of challenges for many children.

At the time, I was aware of nutritional deficiencies, television programming, vaccinations and family challenges as some of the main sources of difficulty for children. At this point I had my own child and decided to leave teaching and learn more about natural healing modalities. Shortly after becoming a certified yoga instructor and reiki master, I discovered ​Quantum Reflex Analysis​ (QRA) which would become the guiding force of my work for the next decade. QRA uses a specialized form of kinesiology to test acupuncture points in the body which helps the practitioner determine the best supplements for a person. I find that piece amazing on its own, but the real secrets are unlocked when you use this modality to test for interference patterns in the body, emotional blocks, food allergies, and bioenergetic disruption inside the home. We refer to this last piece as Vastu.

Can you share a little about Vastu and how it has benefited you?

Vastu refers to an ancient Indian art form that works to optimize the bioenergetic properties of a living environment. For most of us, this is our home, the place we spend the most time, where we sleep and where we go to recharge our batteries. Unfortunately, most homes actually have very poor Vastu energetics. While all people are affected by poor energetics, there are several groups of people who are more aware and most affected by these energetics. This includes children, the elderly, those with special needs or compromised health, those with heavy metal toxicities and energetically aware people like myself.

People who are suffering from things that can’t be seen or explained to others begin to feel helpless, frustrated, overwhelmed, and oftentimes financially burdened as they try to find solutions. Or they may not even understand that these unseen energies are the source of physical or mental complications they are having. Understanding Vastu and unseen energetics that affect me on a daily basis has given me great relief in a couple different ways. It has helped me reharmonize my living environment with simple, cost effective strategies and given me relief from these unseen stressors in my environment. For me this means better sleep, improved energy, a more stable mood and feeling happier in my home. But it has also given me my power back. Now I have simple solutions for myself and others that take these detrimental energetics and turn them in my favor. Getting the Vastu correct enhances your health, relationships and success.

Can you explain a few strategies or simple actions for families that are based on Vastu principles?

The simplest thing you can do is set all your clocks ahead seven minutes. You can change your cell phone time under settings> general> date and time. This is considered “elite time” and will enhance the bioenergetics of your field. For those of you who know how to do some type of energy testing, check your before and after results.

Tell us more about your bioenergetic work and why clients come to see you?

Some of my clients are in excellent health and they are looking to maintain that or improve upon it as they age. However, most people I see have a problem they are trying to solve. They want to sleep better, have more energy, less anxiety, fewer headaches, or maybe lose weight. Some are further down a disease process. Most people feel “stuck” when they first come to see me, and they have typically tried resolving their problem already. They have been to at least one doctor, sometimes dozens. They’ve tried changing their diet, exercising, taking supplements, and maybe a handful of other therapies too. But they have reached a point where they need another set of answers.

The bioenergetic testing I do allows the client to see their body from a different point of view. Through muscle testing they are able to feel where the imbalances are in their organs and glands. From there we can trace down the issue and determine if it is nutritional, emotional, a result of scarring or physical trauma somewhere on the body, or if there is an electromagnetic component. Once we’ve determined the root cause of the problems, we use simple procedures or nutritional supplements to fix them.

How can we get started with improving the bioenergetics of our body?

Get sunshine daily, ideally first thing in the morning. Drink plenty of very clean water that’s high in minerals. Eat organic vegetables every day. Find athletic activities you enjoy, and do them daily. Spend time in nature regularly, ideally barefoot. Remove stressors from your life, including television. Find a holistic or biological dentist to work with. Breathe deeply. Ground your home.

How can we get started with improving the bioenergetics of our home?

Reduce clutter as much as possible. Use full spectrum light bulbs. Keep your air filters clean. Play music. Invest in a whole house water filter. Use natural cleaning products and remove toxic substances from your home. Hang colorful, original artwork throughout your home, possibly your childrens’. This may sound like a simple list, but it’s actually a lot of work to accomplish all of these things! Making a reasonable schedule to help you complete these tasks can be helpful.


Any recommendations or strategies for kids, their health, and kids’ rooms in the home?

The best advice I have for children is to help them develop healthy sleep habits. Having a bedtime routine is very helpful to children. We typically have dinner, then play a game or go watch the sunset at the beach, have bathtime and stories and then it’s lights out. Children need 10-12 hours of sleep each night. Getting them to sleep at a reasonable time makes everyone’s next day better. It’s also really important to have their bedrooms (and yours) as dark as possible. A nightlight, alarm clock, street light or using electronics after dark can inhibit melatonin production. Melatonin helps us sleep, enhances our immune systems and protects us from cancer. Ideally you’ll want to turn off your WiFi router at night as your brain interprets these signals as light.

What are your thoughts on how 5G will impact health and ways we can protect ourselves?

For those that would like to learn more about 5G I recommend visiting​ and/or searching the National Center for Biotechnology Information,, to read documented scientific studies on any issue that might be of interest to your health. The subject of 5G alone can be overwhelming and upsetting. Unfortunately, the even larger issue is the many types of electrosmog that are negatively impacting our health and that of plants and animals as well.

Any simple starter tips for reducing EMF exposure in our home?

Yes! Here’s the good news—as of recently, there is now a special type of bioenergetic grounding paint that will help reharmonize (and ground) the majority of electromagnetic waveforms in and around your house. It’s called Vastu Reharmonizing Paint. It’s also inexpensive, and you don’t have to paint your whole house with it. Just a few swipes of the paint on things like your WiFi router, “smart” meter, circuit breaker box, major appliances, car engine and water lines will actually shift all of the harmful energetics so they become beneficial to your biofield. I also recently developed a wearable coin that protects you from electrosmog when you are outside of your home and enhances your biofield. It’s called a Biofield ResonatorTM.

Where can we learn more about your work and your practice?

You can visit my website at​ ​​ and find lots more information on Vastu and self care or join my Facebook group, “Self Healing Protocols”, where I post some of my favorite tips and tricks for healthy living. I can also be reached by text, email or phone if you have a few questions.


  • Rev. Jayme Westrom, M.Ed, RMT, RYT – Wellness Educator, QRA Practitioner

    CEO of Biofield Expert, LLC, Jayme earned a Master’s Degree in education from Goucher College. She is a certified Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner through Premier Research Labs and a Reiki Master Teacher. Jayme is also the developer of the Financial Alignment Technique and co-creator of Bio-Magnetic Tone Healing. She is passionate about empowering others through biofield education and helping people discover shortcuts to healing. Her specialties include; Quantum Reflex Analysis, Functional Energy Medicine, Body-Mind-Spirit Diagnostics (Quantum K), Distance Healing, EMF Protection, Medical Intuition, Vastu and Root Cause Discovery. She attributes her talent and success to the generosity of her teachers.

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