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Is the planet a person?

Earlier today, my six year old asked me if the planet is actually a person. I smiled as we often have quantum conversations about all kinds of galactic things. About 5 hours later, I randomly watched a video by Matias De Stefano and the topic was that the earth was a living and breathing being. How’s that for synchronicity. This video is available on Gaia and is called ‘Atlantis and the creation of the races’.

De Stefano explains that water on this planet is the blood of the planet. All the sacred codes are stored within the water. This is why water responds to language, sound, light, etc and why we must sacredly protect our waters from being harmed any further. I believe the drastic increase in cell towers as well as 5G will significantly harm not only our bodies but also the planet. Dr Ibrahim Karim teaches that with increased EMF emissions from cell phone towers (especially 5G), more heat is created on the planet which dehydrates the planet and creates disorder. This impacts not only our health but the health of all of nature. I cry when I see hotels and houses attach wifi routers to trees. I can feel the trees desperately crying out for help and healing. I also strongly believe that 5G will further dehydrate the planet and all of life by producing heat and harm. 5G is sucking out our life force and dehydrating the entire planet. The scientific data has already proved this. Take a peek at the work of Dr Magda Havas.

The planet is a living being that has its own blood, organs and is a living, breathing being. We must be aware that as we seek answers to deeper questions like ‘who am I’ and ‘what is my purpose’, the earth is also asking those same questions. Imagine the world as a human but in circular form. De Stefano shares that the main line or meridian of the body of earth is in the Atlantic ocean. The breathing nose is the island of Greenland (controls weather). The Pineal Gland is Iceland. The chest of the body in the north Atlantic ocean and the two lungs can be found in the Congo forest and in the Amazon rainforest. The throat chakra is North America. Europe is the heart with Great Britain being the high heart chakra. Africa is the region of the root chakra. South America is the womb of the planet (the core of creation). Patagonia is the end of the spine of the planet. South Africa is also connected to the roots of the planet which is to be expected. India and the Middle East represent the kidneys and adrenals and have a role to clean the water of the planet. They also contain one of the biggest portals where cosmic creative energy enters. The other kidney is in the region of Australia and New Zealand. Asia is the solar plexus and the power center of the being. The most important part of the planet is the one connecting the entire body, the spine. The spine travels from the Andes in South America, through Central and North America,┬á and through Alaska. The North Pole is the brain of the planet.

This all makes complete sense if you study archetypes. Countries have archetypes and when you put everything together, the organs of each region as mentioned above say something about the personality and purpose of each one.

Water on this planet holds the codes to consciousness. Water is to be a bridge between heaven and earth. All information that came from the stars first reached the seas so all the coding is contained there, in the blood of the planet. This is why our blood also contains the codes for highest consciousness. Those who understand the power of the stars while tuning into the sacredness of mother earth are often the holders of sacred and ancient information. Shamans have the ability to channel sacred information through our blood. This is illustrated very well by the work of Dr Masaru Emoto.

Apparently my six year old already knows all of this!


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