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Self + Soul

Self + Soul

How to vibe up today using your voice

The vibrational essence of your true purpose and divine will unlocks the greatest treasure. The gifts your soul is here to share with the world is directly related to your voice. As you spiritually mature through this life and develop spiritual strength, your voice will unlock true treasure. As you find your authentic voice, you will also discover your higher purpose.

We are moving away from jobs and careers and into quantum callings.

It’s the perfect time in cosmic history to commit to finding your authentic voice to serve humanity in the highest way possible. That may be to be a bright light in your community or a peaceful warrior in the world.  Join Auric Angel Stephanie Packer as she shares some simple techniques to unlocking the vibrational treasures that lie within your voice. Steph will share some simple EFT techniques for moving through the fear of speaking your true authentic voice.

  • Stephanie Packer is a EFT Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator and Mindset Coach. Her speciality is working with busy entrepreneurs to align and calibrate their emotional state, mindset and highest vibration.  All of her passions and skills have come together over the past decade leading her to discover her sweet spot – helping you Vibrate Higher in your energy, your happiness and achieving dreamy results in your biz. To work with Stephanie, visit

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