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How to Break Up with Friends

During these times, many of us are surrendering to all that feels untrue in our lives. We are learning to fully embrace that this life is not a dress rehearsal but a one time experience. For many of us, we have made a commitment to surround ourselves with only the people who love us unconditionally for exactly who we are- the sacred ones! For some of us, our circles are getting smaller but so deeply authentic, loving and true. If you are feeling an intuitive nudge to cleanse your social circle (with love and gratitude always), we invite you to watch this video from one of our Auric Angels Amy Brown.

I have been asked recently from clients and friends about how to do a mindful friends cleanse, and I actually heard a great analogy from Snoop Dogg. He was saying that as you are on your path of ascension, a gap can form between you and some friends, family, coworkers or colleagues. As you progress on your evolutionary spiritual journey, this gap can  become a larger and larger, as your vibe gets higher.

The process of navigating relationships that no longer feel authentic and true for you can be difficult.

You may want to stay close to some of these friends and family that you are comfortable with or that have been in your life forever. Keeping too many of these relationships that intuitively feel complete may result in staying lower frequency in terms of your own ascension and may even hinder your spiritual path. In some cases, you simply need to let them go! Let these individuals be on their path and you stay on your path.

Now I’m not saying that there is a right or wrong choice but there is one that feels deeply authentic and true. It is up to you to determine how highly expansive you want your light body to be. A lot of us have shifted our tribe or connections over the past few years which is absolutely ok! Contracts may be over with some people in your life so don’t be afraid to gracefully create space for new soul family members to enter your life. Know that you can’t pull anyone along and remember that the ascension path is a choice. It must be made freely and is an intimate choice between the individual and their soul. You of course want to honour every human journey and don’t want to interfere with anyone else’s path.

Let them have their own journey.

If you decide you want to be on an ascension path, two things will generally happen:

  1. Friends and family who are not aligned with you anymore will start to fall away ( your relationship will naturally dissipate). You’ll find you’re texting less, speaking less or connecting less. It seems to be effort and slightly inauthentic to keep the relationship alive. For these relationships, allow the process to unfold and don’t feel guilty about it.
  2. You consciously decide to end a relationship. In this case, you have likely processed the decision that this relationship is no longer in your highest good.  You consciously decide that you are not going to have them in your life anymore or limit the amount of time spent with them.  This may take courage, kindness and boundaries in the beginning but you will feel lighter and stronger for it.

Breaking up with a friend or family member does not need to be a big dramatic event. You don’t have to make an official announcement! You simply put up your boundaries. Set boundaries that make you feel comfortable, safe and thriving and stay true to you! As humans, we test to figure out where the boundaries are and your job is to simply hold strong to the boundaries that support you and your growth. With compassion and respect for them, you focus on yourself. I’m not saying be insensitive, but focus less on them and their drama or resistance.

Refocus on you and your path.

If you are going to talk with them, get heart-centered. Get high-vibe and then speak or act from that place of love. As always, the healthiest thing we can do is focus on staying heart-centered. Regardless of your path, finding a tribe is vital, it doesn’t have to be a big tribe, but if you’re on a spiritual path of growth, it should be a high-vibe tribe. So don’t think of a friends cleanse as losing friends, but focus on making space for amazing people who are going to love and support you on your journey.

  • Amy Brown is a mindful relationship coach. Whether you are looking-for-love, dating, married, splitting up or divorcing, she is here to help guide you through this chapter of your life, in a respectful and healthy way. Her background is in psychology, mental wellness, communications, meditation and Pilates. Amy has been teaching and coaching for 20 years. To learn more about her work and to work with her, visit

    Two of her favourite books include: Breath by James Nestor and The Presence Process by Michael Brown

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