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Feng Shui For Your Baby Nursery

When it comes to decorating your baby’s nursery, there’s a lot to consider. From themes and wall colors to decor and crib choices, the list of nursery to-dos can seem endless. But one important thing to keep in mind as you prepare for the arrival of your little one is the energy of the space, which can be optimized with a bit of feng shui.

Here are my top tips for how to feng shui your baby’s nursery. 

Avoid sharp edges.

I’m not just talking about this for baby proofing purposes. A nursery ideally be welcoming and safe in every way.

Our mind likes curves more than sharp angles, so even art with more wavy lines is great. Consider a round crib and softer, plush furniture.



Use nontoxic cleaning supplies.

And while you’re at it, opt for as many nontoxic fabrics as possible. Toxins are rough on any body, but they can be especially harmful for your baby. It’s important to keep the air clean, too — dusting is vital for more clean air, along with vacuuming. If you have less-than-great quality local air, an air filter is ideal.

Less is much more.  

Clutter stops the flow of energy, and that is the opposite of what every growing baby wants to experience. So while you may want to pack your baby’s room with toys — or maybe you simply received a lot as gifts — remember that they don’t need as much stuff as you may think.

This includes visual clutter of too much to see at once. It’s overwhelming to the senses. Rather than plastering your baby’s walls with busy wallpaper, consider sticking with calming colors that don’t overwhelm.

Shoes off policy. 

All types of pesticides and chemicals collect on the soles of shoes after walking outside, and it’s not what you want to track in. As a nice bonus, it will keep any light-colored carpets clean for much longer.

Keep the lighting soft and the curtains heavy enough to create a quiet, cozy environment.

This is especially important if you live in a louder environment like a city. With the right lighting and window treatments, you can keep your baby’s nursery calm and quiet. 

Opt for soft colors and textures.

Pops of color are fun and energetically stimulating, but I lean into less is more here again. Think pastels and soft fabrics.

With a bit of thought and care, you can craft the perfect, cozy bedroom for your little one that will help them sleep better, explore in a safe space, and provide a gentle haven for you as well. 


Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui Master and founder of The School Of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program. In the last 15 years Claudat has pioneered her own approach to Feng Shui that is rooted in infinite possibility, creativity and empowerment. Rather than hope for lucky results and outcomes, she helps her clients to create them every day.

She’s a Stanford-educated art historian with more than a decade of experience in design yet her approach to space is simple. Claudat is a longtime mindbodygreen contributor and instructor (she may have had a hand in the hundreds of plants in mindbodygreen headquarters!), and her work has been featured in design and lifestyle publications around the world.

You can work with her from wherever you are in the world in her online Feng Shui Camps and through her Online Feng Shui Consultations.

You can sign up for her weekly Feng Shui Rituals, including rituals for every New and Full Moon, right here!

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