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Yoga + Body

Yoga + Body

Are you Highly Sensitive? Try this Prana Practice

Being a highly sensitive empath can be a struggle. As bright as their hearts shine, managing their energy is often a full time job. For these souls, energy often exits their body during times when they need it the most. They often struggle to keep themselves nourished by way of mother earth and centered in their energy. Highly sensitive empaths often find themselves feeling ungrounded, upset and and energetically empty.

The cosmic goodness is that empaths are here to hold the light for the planet and open the human heart towards unconditional love. They have great destiny and with some simple daily practices, they can fulfill this destiny in harmonious balance with their own with radiant health.

The intention for a highly sensitive empath is to stay grounded and connected to mother earth while expansively spreading their wings delivering love and light in the higher dimensions.

Empaths must have daily rituals to minimize energy leaking and to maximize body radiance.


Join Leslie Rothenberger as she shares rituals and practices to support these heart-centered souls.

  • Leslie Wittick Rothenberger is a Personal Development Coach and creator of The Gift – a self- awareness series for kids, teens, and adults. A series that helps people tap into the beauty of who they are and find their way back to their true self.

    Leslie has her B.A. in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario and her Diploma in Massage Therapy. She is a Certified Life Success Consultant and has her Advanced Certification in Psychological Kinesiology (Psych -KTM).  She has worked as a Department Head at the Canadian Therapeutic College, and Instructor and Examiner at the Ontario College of Health & Technology. She has been a Holistic Health Professor at George Brown College and an Assessment Provider for the Hamilton Hospital. Corporate coaching clients include The Humberview Group and Insurance Insight Inc. For more information, visit

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